How to Get Good Luck

It’s interesting that there are a lot of people interested in the topic of “luck.” The whole concept of luck is shrouded in mystery. Is luck an actual thing or can all events be explained by the law of cause and effect? In other words, does everything happen for a reason or do we live in a universe that is impacted by random events and serendipitous experiences? Seems like I have a lot more questions than answers! Truth be told: I have yet to offer any answers!

For the most part, I think luck is an illusion — maybe it’s completely an illusion! I think the first step to getting good luck or getting rid of bad luck is to examine your own thought patterns, self image, and expectations. Our thoughts and beliefs are tremendously powerful forces in our own lives, and we all tend to mold and shape the content and texture of our own experiences. Much of what happens in our lives is based on self fulfilling prophesies.

What’s fascinating and exciting about life is that, at any moment in time, we all have an infinite number of actions, thoughts, and directions from which to choose. One of the biggest illusions in life is the idea that “What you see is what you get!” In reality, there are better results you can produce and different real-life scenarios you can create if you only look beyond the illusion of what you see, what’s in your line of vision.

Author: Joel S

I'm a freelance writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and marketing strategist.

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